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Pig Casting Machine

Pig casting machine(PCM) is uesd for molten iron continuous casting into slab in blast furnace iron making or non blast furnace iron making.It is to turn over the torpedo ladle car to pour the molten iron by tilting system,and the drive unit drives the sprocket to turn to push the continuous movement of the pig molds on the chain,with certain auxiliary devices to complete the whole process.

1 According to technology,there are two kinds casting iron forms , one is stokehold ,the other is turning  Hot Metal Ladle

2 Provided with the pillars of cast iron machine, the nozzle device, water cooling equipment, iron sink, as well as iron chutein equipment in accordance with customer needs

3 The machine contains chain wheel,the pillars of tail wheel,pig mold,gear and so on.

pig casting machine
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pig casting machine
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iron cast machine
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