Belt Conveyor

Typical Styles and Application of Pulleys used in the Material Handling Industry:

  • High quality units manufactured to suit demanding applications ranging from lighter duty industrial locations to extremely abusive environments
  • Pulley units constructed with flat or crown face in the following styles: Drum, Wing, Spiral Wrapped and Magnetic Drum
  • Drum units manufactured from pipe and supplied with no welded seams on the face
  • All standard engineered conveyor pulleys are manufactured ; Drive, Tail, Snub, Take-up as well as Slatted self cleaning types.
conveyor pulley

Drive Pulleys with rubber lagging

drive pulleys
  • As much as 50% increase in coefficient of friction over non lagged pulleys
  • Improves Belt Tracking
  • Protects pulley face from wear and extends pulley service life
  • Herringbone and Diamond Grooves shed water and dirt promoting a self-cleaning effect

Rubber and Ceramic Lagged Pulley

ceramic lagged pulley
  • As much as twice coefficient of friction over non lagged pulleys
  • As much as 50% higher coefficient of friction over standard rubber lagging
  • Virtually eliminates belt slippage
  • Lower belt tension and less take-up weight increases life of components and belt
  • Improves belt tracking
  • Easily sheds water and dirt

Tail Pulleys

conveyor tail pulley
  • Engineered to accommodate specific belt tensions
  • For use in critical applications where down time
  • Rims are engineered to carry the load, no center disc required
  • Engineering design determines end disc configuration
  • Full penetration welds between rim and end disc
  • Flat face pulleys are furnished standard, crown face must be specified
  • Statically balanced

Snab Pulleys / Bending Pulleys

conveyor bending pulley
  • Used as snab/tension/bending
  • Full depth weld with reinforcing bar on a single longitudinal seam
  • Exclusive One Piece Rolled in Crown in all sizes ensures consistent belt tracking and tighter tolerances
  • Longer uninterrupted service life



Oil-steeped Motorized Drum

oil steeped motorized drum
  • compact structure, drive high efficiency, low noise, long life
  • smooth operation, sealing, and occupy less space location
  • convenient maintenance and installation advantages
  • suitable for all kinds of bad working environment, including moist, mud, dust and more work environment
  • wider use of mining, metallurgy, coal, transportation, energy, food chemicals, building materials, printing and other production and construction areas.