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Roller Conveyors

Using gravity as a power source, gravity roller conveyors are an excellent Solutions choice in many warehouse and fabrication facilities. From carton flow to loading or unloading trucks. There is almost always an application for gravity roller conveyor.

Live roller conveyors offer the automated facility the flexibility to merge product lines, accumulate product, and transport at high speeds. From line shaft to belt driven to V-belt drive; most modern facilities rely heavily upon power roller conveyors.

Gravity Roller Conveyor
gravity roller conveyor

Gravity Conveyor come in various configurations, but the operating principle is the same. A round tube is supported on a shaft by bearings. The shaft is contained within formed or structural punched frames by either retaining pins or internal springs.

Gravity roller conveyors are suitable for heavier loads. Roller and shaft sizing is based on the intended application. Legs can be provided in various heights for either bolt on or weld on configurations. We have many styles of gravity roller conveyors that are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Gravity Curve Roller Conveyors
gravity curve roller conveyor

Gravity Curve Conveyors use a degree of bend to direct products away from a straight flow. They are used in permanent installations to carry packages.

These gravity conveyors are compatible with straight sections providing flexibility to your conveyor line.

Flexible Roller Conveyors
flexible gravity roller conveyor

A flexible conveyor that expands, contracts, twist and turns is available.The expandable conveyor can be set-up quickly and it has an adjustable height legs on lockable castors.

PExpandable gravity roller and skate-wheel conveyors provide an economical solution in materials handling. These conveyors are suitable for packaging, transporting and manufacturing lines.

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor (CDLR)
chain drive roller conveyor

Designed to transport heavy loads such as tote pans, castings, drums, or pallets, a chain driven live roller conveyor is great where oil or water is present.

The chain drive is completely enclosed along the entire length of the conveyor.

Reversible drive either side mounted or underside mounted (specify). Main drive roller is supported by precision, heavy duty, lubricated, ball bearing units.

Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyers (BDLR)
blet drive roller conveyor

Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor is a versatile way to convey products of various shapes, sizes and weights. Products such as boxes, cases, drums and totes are ideal for the bolt together product line.

On straight BDLR Conveyor the bed rollers contact a flat driving belt on the underside which creates a friction drive between the belt and the rollers. Minimum (or zero)pressure accumulations are a major benefit for using BDLR.

Motorized Drive Roller Conveyors (MDR)
motorized drive roller conveyor

Consider motorized roller conveyers. The motor is in the roller allowing low frames and easy zoned accumulation. Also an excellent choice if stainless steel, wash down duty is needed.

We have had excellent success with powered roller systems. Different diameter rollers can move heavy pallets even with safe 24V DC power. They really simplify moving, accumulating and transferring product.