Screw Conveyor
U-profile Screw Conveyor

We call U-profile screw conveyor as GX type screw conveyors which are are one of the oldest and simplest devices used for the movement of bulk materials. They can be used as a mixer or agitator, to mix and blend dry or semi liquid materials.Screw conveyors are compact and easily adapted to congested locations.

Throughtput rates depend upon the type and properties of the product being handled. We will specify the machine size, length, speed and power to suit the actual plant and capacity requirements.

The following information is required to enable a suitable machine to be specified:

  1. Materials to be handled.
  2. Bulk Density.
  3. Particle size range.
  4. Product Temperature.
  5. Required throughput in tonne/hour.
  6. Water pressure avalible on site.
screw conveyors
Multi Screw Conveyor
multi screw conveyor

Multi-screw feeders share features of standard screw feeders along with addtional benefits:

* The inlet is usually flooded with materials(100% loaded)
* Can help reduce stackup height (multiple small augers can equal the output of single larger auger)

Shaftless Screw Conveyors
augers plate spirals

Shaftless screw conveyors are used in applications where particle sizes are larger or products is sticky or viscous.They don't require hanger bearings because there is no center pipe. Main applications include beverage industry,recycle projects and waste water plants.

* Transfer bulk materials from one location to another
* As a feeder conveyor

Paddle Screw Conveyer
paddle screws

Dust and Ash Conditioners are designed to work on a continuous basis accepting a controlled feed of material from a Screw Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, etc.

Paddle blade formation is set to give the most efficent mixing action with water being added by an arrangement of atomised spray nozzles up to 30% by weight. All Conditioners are of a heavy duty design, of single or twin shaft formation, material of construction can be mild steel, stainless or abrasion resistant alloy steels.